The Advantages of Travelling with another Photographer

Sardinia Map

Tomorrow I am off on a trip to Sardinia, Italy with a photographer friend. It’s the first trip I’ve done in a long time with a fellow photographer and I’m looking forward to it.

Travelling with another photographer has a lot of advantages, particularly when it’s one who shares an interest in similar photography subjects.

  • Another photographer understands sunrise and sunset are not for eating breakfast and supper.
  • You don’t have to feel guilty about standing in the same spot, for half an hour, waiting for the light to change.
  • You can yell ‘Stop the car’ as many times as you want without getting dirty looks.
  • You can get inspiration from looking at the same subject through another photographer’s eyes.
  • You can discuss depth of field and f-stops to your heart’s content, without watching the other person’s eyes glaze over.
  • You can plan your daily itinerary around where the best light will be.
  • Two words – gear swapping!

I will be back on Tuesday and I have quite a few garden visits planned over the next month with my ever patient husband. There are a few advantages to travelling with him too – He’s a great Sherpa and he wields a mean tripod when people get in my way!

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