My 22 Favourite Photoshop Shortcuts

adobe_photoshop_logoI use Photoshop just about every day. However, I’m not someone who has every single shortcut memorised. In fact, in many cases I find it faster to keep my hand on my Wacom tablet, than move back and forth to the keyboard. That said, there are a few Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that I can’t live without, when I am editing a photo. I thought I would share my most frequently used Photoshop shortcuts with you.

The following are the Windows shortcuts. For Mac users simply replace the Ctrl with Command and Alt with Option.

  1. Ctrl + 0 – Makes the image fill the workspace
  2. Ctrl + Alt + 0 – Zooms to 100%
  3. Ctrl + + Zooms in
  4. Ctrl + – Zooms out
  5. Ctrl + Home – Takes you to the top left hand corner of the image
  6. Page Down – When you are zoomed in, pressing Page Down will take you exactly one screen down. This seems obvious but I find that it saves time over holding the space bar and dragging the image.
  7. Page Up – Just like above but takes you up a screen
  8. Ctrl + Page Down – This takes you one screen to the right
  9. Ctrl + Page Up – You guessed it. This takes you one screen to the left
  10. Holding the space bar – As mentioned above if you hold down the space bar you can drag your zoomed image location wherever you want.
  11. Ctrl + A – Selects everything in the active layer
  12. Ctrl + D – De-selects everything
  13. Ctrl + H – Hides the selection
  14. Ctrl + Shift + I – Selects the inverse
  15. Ctrl + T – Activates Free Transform for the layer or selection
  16. [ – Makes brush size smaller
  17. ] – Makes brush size larger
  18. Ctrl + J – Copies the current layer
  19. Ctrl + Shift + N – Creates a new empty layer
  20. Ctrl + N – Opens a new image
  21. Ctrl + O – Opens an existing image
  22. Ctrl + Z – Probably the most frequently used Photoshop shortcut… Undo

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Photoshop shortcuts; simply the ones I use on a daily basis. What Photoshop shortcuts can you not live without? Let me know in the comment section below.

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