ACM Photography Favourite Photo Websites

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

  • Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips – Matt Kloskowski’s excellent blog about all things Lightroom. includes videos, downloadable presets and loads of information.
  • Dave Cross On-line – Links to interesting sites and information about all things Adobe.
  • Jonathan Penney – Not exactly a Photoshop blog exactly but this professional print-maker’s blog will inspire you. If you are interested in restoration or professional printing, this blog is for you.

Photography and Photographic Industry Tips and Help

  • Photoinduced – Reviews of gallery shows, books, gear and more. A great allround photo industry resource.
  • Photojojo – Making photography fun again!
  • Photopreneur – Looking for more ways to make money from photography? This is your site.
  • – For those of you in Belgium this site lists all of the on-going photo exibitions.

Stock and Microstock Websites and Blog

  • Alamy – My growing photography portfolio on the Alamy stock photography site.
  • Shutterstock – Subscription based Royalty Free micro-stock website
  • Fotolia – European based Royalty Free photography
  • Snapvillage – Royalty Free stock by Corbis that allows you to set your own pricing
    • Snapvillage blog – goings on at Snapvillage
  • Microstock Diaries – This blog is essential for anyone contemplating microstock photography. A fantastic resource with descriptions of all of the top sites.
  • Lookstat – If you are a microstocker already, this super site will track your sales – for the stats junkie in all of us.

Photographers Blogs

  • Pixelated Image – David duChemin’s travel photography is personal and inspiring… si is his blog.
  • J. R. Photoblog – Great articles about photography, photoshop and photoblogging… and some great photos too.
  • Rasmus Rasmussen – One of the top microstockers has a lot to say about the industry and the art.
  • Chas Jarvis – An inside look a the life of a pro photographer.

Publishing Resources

  • Red Bubble – More than a resource for selling cards, posters, canvas and framed prints, Red Bubble is an amazing community… and an addiction.
  • Moo – Moo makes the most beautiful business cards and note cards I have ever seen. Their print quality is fantastic and their site is a lot of fun too.
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